On holiday

Jitka and I are chilling in bed in a pension in South Bohemia, ragging on Clou, a Czech band that makes music that‚??s catchy in a grating, Hootie and the Blowfish or Maroon 5 way, worsened by their lingua franca lyrics. Clou is a fruit-fly in the ointment ‚?? the pension is by far the tidiest, most modern Czech pension I‚??ve ever had the pleasure of staying in, we‚??ve got the place to ourselves, and are being treated to a very pleasant breakfast of coffee, rolls, ham, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, muesli and orange juice.

It feels good to be out of Prague ‚?? hell, it feels good to be out of the flat ‚?? but we‚??re still kind of working, as we‚??ve got to head into Pisek to arrange flowers, sweets, and‚?? damn‚?? there‚??s something else but I can‚??t remember what it is‚??

I really don‚??t know where my head‚??s at these days. All this cocooning and Warcrafting has made me dull physically, mentally and spiritually. As of next week, there are going to be changes. Not saying what, not saying where, when and how, but it‚??s high time for a resurrection.

For now, I‚??m on holiday, so that‚??s enough for today.

Mar 16, 08:12 (Filed under: Personal, Road tripping )

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