Ringing in 2005, Blackbridge style

New Year’s Eve was par for the course in Blackbridge. Kids started setting off firecrackers around lunchtime and the war zone sound effects climaxed at midnight, when Jitka and I were treated to a pretty good local fireworks show. While watching them go off (and echo off) the surrounding panelaky is not as breathtaking as watching the professional fireworks over Prague castle, it still made for a pretty sight.

However, one thing that never ceases to amaze me is just how f***ing retarded the locals (as well as, I’m sure, a fair number of foreigners) get with their crackers and ‘works. Whether in the centre or the suburbs, tossing them off balconies and firing them into crowds simply ain’t cool.

At this time (5:35 pm), pops, bangs, booms and cracks that bring to mind small-arms firefight are still resounding around the area at a steady rate.

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