Photos of Prague and Cesky Krumlov, courtesy of Richard Body

Just over a week ago Jitka and I had the pleasure of having Richard Body as our guest. You can read about his stay in the Czech Republic here. He has also posted plenty of great snaps from his trip.

I miss the thrill and the loneliness that one experiences when travelling solo. I’ve been feeling this way for a long time now, and reading Richard’s entries have set a few wheels in motion – at least as far as planning goes. Berlin’s looking good, but I’m also considering Budapest. Jitka reckons I should go back to Canada for a few weeks, but I’d rather stay in Europe for now, mainly for financial reasons. This trip has got to happen soon, as these Czech winter blues have got me in one of the deepest funks I’ve ever had.

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  1. Patrick,
    Thank you again for the hospitality. And for the link. So my experiences of loneliness inspired you? Wow. I hope you do it. I suspect you’ll be more experienced at it than I. I’ve been to berlin (for a day) and it is a city I’d like to see more of. It made a pretty good first impression on me. A few pals have been to Budapest and they have rated it very highly. You should go soon. As soon as the splint comes off.

    Thanks again, and I hope those nasty essays don’t get in the way of life for any longer.


    Richard    Mar 21, 07:45    #
  2. Splint! That’s the word, not brace…

    More experienced at travelling alone? I’m not sure about that. I came over here on my own and moved from Brno to Prague pretty much on my own, but that’s it. I suppose at the time it was pretty exciting, but I’ve almost forgotten how it really felt.

    The essays… ugh… never again will I be so easily swayed by sizeable monetary advances.

    Yeah, right…


    Patrick    Mar 21, 09:41    #
  3. Speaking of the splint… I went to that website you linked to about medical ‘equipment’. Very, um, creative.

    I’m sure you’re right about the excitement about being on your own. I know that when I left Aotearoa that was a very cool feeling. I guess when it is just a holiday rather than a move then it is not as appealing to me. There’s no question that moving to a new city is a scary but exhillirating experience.


    Richard    Mar 21, 11:52    #
  4. by the way, i think you were looking for this the other day:

    Richard    Mar 21, 14:03    #
  5. Ah yes, I was. Thanks for burrowing through the archives for it (or did you use a search engine?). I’ve been after the techies for ages to sort out the archives here…

    Here is the entry in which I mentioned the “chat” entry.

    Patrick    Mar 21, 14:44    #
  6. I linked to the entry a while back as it amused me, I guessed it was about June that I did so and searched my archives (which is a damn sight easier in blogger) and voila!

    Richard    Mar 21, 15:30    #