working in town again

It‚??s been a more productive week than usual. I‚??ve started working outside the flat again. I‚??ve been getting things done at a better, though unhealthier, pace. I don‚??t smoke (all that much) at home, but light up a lot at Villa Incognito while working on the History Essays from Hell.

After putting in several good smoke and coffee-filled hours on the laptop on Monday, I went for a few well-deserved beers and Tullamores at Blind Eye. Had a good chat with King Vitamin and a couple of other guys about DIY-neighbour-hating, visa issues, traveling, and, of course, women ‚?? the good, the badass and the nasty.

I used to be good at remembering conversations and most of the details about the settings in which they took place. I could tell you at what point the waiter came by in any given discussion and what everybody ordered, who rolled which spliff and how good a job they did. Cigarettes were abundant, the soundtrack didn‚??t really matter, it was always all good when you were with the right people ‚?? either it rocked or it gave you a springboard for witty disses.

These days I can‚??t, or don‚??t want to, pay close attention to the details after finishing work for the day. I just want to clear the slate, wipe the windows, sleep easy. I suppose that makes me common. I suppose that should bother me, but it doesn‚??t, it‚??s just kind of boring. Though as far as workplaces go, being able to shift between home and Incognito is a privilege that I shouldn‚??t take for granted.

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¬ę Photos of Prague and Cesky Krumlov, courtesy of Richard Body | A weekend outside the flat ¬Ľ

  1. Hey – if you find yourself out in Dejvice again around lunch hour, ping me and we’ll chow. (I work a couple tram stops up from the last metro station now.) Getting out of the flat for the next couple months will be a very positive thing. Thank (insert deity or power of nature of your choice) for springtime.

    Thanks too for your kind words about Gil. Alas he passed a couple of days later. Will be scattering his ashes when I visit Cali in May.

    Bishop    Mar 24, 09:42    #
  2. Hi Joey, sorry to hear about Gil. Not sure when I’ll be back in Dejvice, probably next month to renew my health insurance. Will definitely let you know.

    No need to be PC with me – Thank Chuck Norris for springtime will do just fine.



    Patrick    Mar 27, 09:49    #