Floodsurfing in the Czech Republic

Overdid it with the suds and buds at Tulip last night, so can’t really bring myself to write about how much it blows that U Zpevacku has shut its doors for good. I could mention something about the ridiculous conversation I overheard at Villa Incognito yesterday while working there (a group of people discussing a movie they are making ; best quote from the discussion: “Like, every love story is, like, tragic”, which was blurted out just as Neil Young’s Heart of Gold started playing on the stereo. This kid has evidently never seen a Nora Ephron flick. Lucky kid), but I’m too knackered to give you my misinterpretation of it. Of course I could write volumes about my latest WoW adventures (got my druid up to level 40. Yay), or about how the history essays I’m slugging my way through are killing me with boredom but I’m 99.9% certain that 99.9999% of the people who are reading this entry don’t want to hear about any of that.

So, here are some photos. Don’t know where they were taken or who to credit because Jitka just sent them to me this morning. With any luck this moron was one of the seven that the floods have killed so far. If not, then hopefully his number will be up soon – one less moron on the road, one less idiot with the right to vote, one less dimwit with the ability to procreate.




Apr 7, 10:06 (Filed under: People, Out and About in Prague )

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  1. Damn.

    For three nights UZ was a haven… If you see Mike round, tell him I’m sorry that’s it’s gone. And what will Francis do? I mean, who will he talk to? (I really hope I’ve remembered that name correctly).

    I think you’re being a little harsh on the moron. Somehow I admire his opportunism.

    Richard    Apr 7, 10:23    #
  2. Maybe you can to believe me now.

    — Honza    Apr 8, 07:49    #