ID theft - case solved. More about men's clothing stores in Prague

The not so thrilling conclusion to last week‚??s financial office fiasco was as follows: turns out somebody‚??s personal id number (??rodne cislo??) is the same as my taxation id number. Jitka discovered this when she called up the financial offices in Plzen and Litomerice on my behalf, then called the FO (or STFU) for Prague 9 and straightened things out.

So, all is well and good now, I suppose. The worst part about the FO cock-up is that I pretty much lost a day of work and ended up having to spend the rest of the week working until around 4 a.m. every night to make up for lost time. Needless to say I did absolutely nothing over the Easter weekend.

Actually, Jitka and I did manage to make it out to Letnany to go shopping on Sunday. It was business as usual as far as men‚??s clothes go ‚?? other than an overpriced plain brown shirt in Zara (which I didn‚??t end up buying) nothing really appealed to me. I came to realise that perhaps that‚??s because I‚??m not feeling all that good about my body these days as I kind of let myself go to seed. I‚??ve got a gut and get winded fairly easily.

I started going to the gym again on Monday. I‚??ve only smoked one cigarette in the last two days ‚?? had it just before sitting down to write this little entry. I‚??ve always had pretty good eating habits, though in the weeks coming up to Easter I was really pigging out on junk food and have been scarfing down massive helpings of Jitka‚??s first potato salad ‚?? just as good, if not better, than her mother‚??s.

Anyway, maybe once I‚??ve shed a bit of this gut and the accompanying handles I‚??ll be more into clothes shopping. I suppose things aren‚??t so bad if that‚??s all I‚??ve really got to gripe about these days.

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