Men's clothes in Prague

If you‚??ve been reading this blog over the last month or so, you know that I‚??m not overly thrilled about what Prague has to offer in terms of men‚??s clothes. That‚??s due in part to not feeling very fit, and in part because I‚??ve gotten quite picky about my duds.

I‚??m fairly hip to what‚??s hot and what‚??s not, or at least I like to think I am. I don‚??t feel like I could pull off ultra-baggy skater and hip-hop gear, and dressing like a surfer strikes me as somewhat ridiculous in a landlocked country, floodsurfing notwithstanding. I‚??ve never been a fan of label and/or logo riddled clothes, unlike your average Eurotrash discophile or ESO moderator. I suppose that style-wise the stereotype I fit in with best is the over-cologned British lager lout, but that‚??s only based on a predilection for short-sleeved collared shirts, something I developed as a Seinfeld fan (think of Kramer‚??s horde of vintage shirts).

Considering my recent experience in Prague‚??s malls and shops, I‚??m thinking that it might be time to hit the city‚??s second-hand shops again. Now that‚??s something I haven‚??t done in a hell of a long time ‚?? I‚??m not even sure where the good ones are any more. I don‚??t have the patience to go digging for hidden treasures in the second-hands that sell anything and everything. Seems like a good mission for next week.

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  1. Hey, don’t forget to give the beta away on the second hand shops. I love the idea of second hand shops. More so because I am just finishing my first – hope not last – gap year this weekend!
    Also, if you would find a good Hawaii shirt (long or short sleeves either) and plan to come to Budapest in the next few weeks than I am ready to make a deal. Say a good Tokaji for a shirt?

    Dezso    Apr 28, 16:59    #