This week’s surfing tip is devoted to a site that has been around for quite some time now: For those who have yet to experience this incredible site, here’s a brief overview:

Often absurd and always clever, the site features a massive collection of Flash animation starring an engaging and quirky group of characters, the head honcho being the naive, innocent, armless and harmless Homestar Runner.

I first stumbled into Homestar’s world through (another great time-killer). It just took one clip to hook me. The Brothers Chaps pay smart and sassy tribute to old-school PC technology and video games, historic cartoons, animeā?? hell, there’s just too much to list, so the best thing to do is just roam around at your leisure. Just be sure to keep your cursor moving over the screen during the cartoons, as the site is full of Easter Eggs. For the same reason, at the end of a cartoon, wait a while and you may be rewarded with a bonus or two.

The site is updated on a regular basis and the wealth of material makes for the equivalent of a cherished videocassette of old episodes from your fave sitcom – perfect for chilling and killing the blahs of a slow rainy Sunday afternoon.

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