The Czech Republic is not a police state, but...

Had a pleasant, peaceful, do-nothing, WoW -free weekend (though I admit that I spent a fair amount of time getting reacquainted with F.E.A.R. great stuff, especially if your rig can handle all its eye candy). I also got back into tune-tinkering with Fruity Loops in order to reactivate my mind with some purposeless play, simply to wake to my life, natch.

Ok, enough roundabout Hip referencing, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and chill. Had a great run and a tasty, well-balanced breakfast. Prague is turning green and I’ve got plenty of Zodac to keep my allergies at bay.

So why am I in a bad mood?

Because of this. Now, I didn’t exactly side with the CzechTekkies last year, and I’m not all that surprised that the cops are getting away with their actions at CzechTek 2005. But who in their right mind could dispute the objective character of this recording ?

While the Czech Republic is not the police state many a Tekkie claims it is, it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs when its cops are given the green light to stomp and pigstick the bejeezus out of unarmed ravers when they’re down.

p.s. It’s not Czech, but I believe the dullard who posted at the bottom of this thread at Free4EuroAlternatives kinda missed the point of all the flyers that preceded it.

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  1. Look this great video (*.mov):

    “So You Are Living In A Police State”

    From the Magma Report.
    Magma    May 25, 20:33    #