Excellent Prague 9 lunch specials. The beauty of Bit Comet. The ass-suckiness of Czech game localisation.

Hoo boy… still working on the essays, so I haven’t really been getting out at all. My trips out of the flat are to the Blackbridge mall, the local Electro World, or the pub above the Movie Star in Prague 9 for its excellent lunch specials – appetizer, soup and meal for just CZK 69. Typical Czech pub fare of a high quality. Definitely worth checking out if you ever happen to find yourself between the Cerny Most and Rajska Zahrada metro stations.

Been bitcometting like mad lately – in fact, I got an email from UPC telling me that I’m on the verge of being stung by their Fair User Policy. Once I hit 20 GB of downloaded content, my connection speed will drop from 2 Mbps to 64 kbps. Ouch. I suppose they’ve got to do something to keep people within their limits, but dropping the speed so low seems a bit severe… Ah, well, it’s probably for the best.

Why all the torrenting? Well, to get English versions of games that are fully localized here in the Czech Republic. Man, do these Czech localization companies piss me off. Would it really be that difficult for them to leave the bloody English files in the games they work on? When I called CD Projekt and asked this question they could not have been bigger bitches – “Our target group is gamers on the Czech market, so no, the games we localize have no English because they are for Czechs.”

No shit, Sherlock. When I asked the CD Projekt employee who took my call if it was really that difficult or costly to simply not touch the English language files in the game (after all, I’m assuming that when these companies get these games they get them in English, no?) and add a simple piece of code that will let the user select which version of the game they want to install, or even toggle the language after the game is installed, I got a bit of a “does not compute” silence, a nervous laugh, and a snarky “Our target group is gamers on the Czech market…”.

My suggestion is not exactly rocket science, is it? Well god damn the Czech PC game localisers and the distributors who have seen it fit not to include English versions on the market – and god bless P2P file sharing. And god damn UPC’s FUP. But god bless the patient and kind customer care folk at UPC.

Ah… now that that’s off my chest, it’s back to the essays (the bane of my existence and the reason for my crustiness and lack of entries as of late). These entries will cover non-Blackbridge and non-PC and non-gaming related stuff soon enough – probably full of wedding related stuff…

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