Sailing on Vltava River

Been at Charles bridge? Oh, of course. Have you noticed those little boats on the river? Have you tried one of them? I did, and it was fun.

We took one of these treadwheel boats right under Charles bridge (entrance from club Lávka) and trod away. One thing I can say, the view of the bridge, castle, islands, etc., from the boat is worth it. And the members of the boat crew feel like celebs. Many people from the bridge are watching you and i bet if you wave at them, the will wave back. At least they did at us.

Anyway, we took a nap, letting our feet get wet in the water, the skin was tanning, chilled Pilsner in the hand, mild breeze and the stream of the river showed us the way, let me quote Lou Reed..’such a perfect day..’.

We approached a fisherman, asking if he caught anything, he said he cannot if we keep disturbing. We understood and focused on sea-gulls and ducks. But the hour that we rented the boat for has passed so we trode back and returned it. An hour was just enough. Next time, we’ll take the rowing boat instead, i think it better fits the whole setting.

As we later discovered, the rowing boats are available at island Žofín. For ’hard to please’ fellows, there is also a rent place for boats with engine available for public located at a place called U Cisarske louky.

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