Music festival Love Planet in Prague with Pet Shop Boys

It is ridiculous how I gained my interest in this summer festival. Get this.

I was regularly watching football TV matches of World Cup, and I guess I was not alone. After every match they played an instrumental part of the song ‘Go West’ from Pet Shop Boys. I think.

Few days later i got a flier promoting Love Planet, main headliner – British Pet Shop Boys along with Scottish Franz Ferdinand, American metal band Ministry, Finnish The Rasmus, and many others. For hip hop culture ‘Yo! Ice-T n his boyz from Body Count gonna break it down for ya. Fo shizzle!’ As a non-native English speaker, I admit, I like to explore this urban language. Back to the festival, though. I cannot say that I am a loyal fan of any of these bands, although I like and listen to some of their songs (F.F.-Take me out, The Rasmus – In the shadows, ok, enough, I’m definitely not a music expert), but I feel like paaartaayyying.

So I did some research. The festival takes place at Bruselská cesta, Výstaviště (Exhibition Centre), Praha 7 on 11.-12.8.06. The tickets are available at for 795 CZK. I think I will take some friends and go there, and we’ll party like one of us has his or her birthday.he he. Needless to say, It’s a great place to meet new fun people.

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  1. Here’s some pedantry for you… It wasn’t actually the Pet Shop Boys version that they played at the World Cup. According to the World Soccer website, the song was specially recorded for the tournament, with words that “go something like: ‘Stand up for the champions, stand up for the champions, stand up for the champions, we’ll be the number one.’”

    Sam Beckwith    Jul 28, 12:37    #
  2. Thanks for explanation Sam.

    Baran    Jul 28, 14:08    #
  3. And Ice-T would never ever ever say “Fo shizzle”.


    — Patrick    Aug 6, 14:33    #