The best exchange money service in the centre of Prague

It still applies that Czech economy is so-called cash economy. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere, one needs ’money in hands’ to pay. Although ATMs (in Czech called bankomat) are usually at every corner, it might happen that one needs to exchange the currency. In general, banks offer lower rates and they usually have commission as well. One also has to be careful when exchanging money with strangers in the streets. My advice is not to do it at all. You might be easily cheated on with fake money.

More convenient way is to exchange money at an exchange office. Here, be careful, too, because rates and commissions vary a lot. Before giving away your money, first ask, how much you will get in return to avoid any misunderstandings. Results of my small research is that exchange office Alfa Prague (Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1) offers the best rates for both buy and sell without any commission (07/25/06 1 EUR BUY – 28.00 CZK SELL – 28.65 CZK). If anyone knows any other exchange place in the centre with better rates, please, let me know.

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  1. Try the following exchange office:
    CHARAFLI s.r.o.
    Address: Jungmannova 28 praha 1

    Excellent rates, very friendly service with special exchange rate for VIP card holders and/or certain amount of money.

    Bob    Aug 5, 12:15    #