Low-cost and favourable car rental in Prague

When I’m travelling abroad, one of the things I miss except my bed and food is driving a car. That is not a big reason to go rent a car, but if you plan a trip somewhere around Czech Republic or even abroad while you’re staying in Prague, a car rental might be a good choice. Again, our ultimate phrase is low budget.

If you need a car for a day, and if you’re not particular about a model, and its special features, a good choice is Smart ForTwo from SIXT Rent a Car company. If you book it on-line (www.sixti.cz), the prices start at 190 CZK including 100 km, which, if you don’t leave town, is enough for a day. Other features, such as loss damage waiver, additional driver or personal accident insurance are optional. This one is the cheapest i found and the pick up place is to advantage in the centre, at Hilton hotel.

An alternative, with higher prices, but still cheaper than its rivals and with many more car models available is AA-Auto Rentcar company, Zelený Pruh 95/97, Praha 4 (www.autopujcovny-auto.com). Here I was attracted by a special offer on classy VW Touareg for 1599 CZK/day without taxes. However, this price is not final, one must add charges for insurance, radio, air-conditioning and a value added tax of 19% to it. Plus, the car must be rented at least for 3 days. Finally, we arrive at a price of around 7000 CZK for three days. Plus gas and maybe some optional equipment.

This price is still less than other car rentals. I hope this inspired you. Happy driving!

Aug 9, 17:29 (Filed under: Advice, Road tripping )

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