Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball playground on Strahov in Prague I have not been playing volleyball as a kid, actually, I did not fancy it, my wrists always hurt and there was not enough thrill and action in this game. My sports were always ice-hockey and football, despite this fact, beach volleyball became my regular sport activity last months. To me, regular, means once a week. Finally, I found my hobby in this game, maybe also because we are a great bunch of people that goes there more for fun than to really work out.

We go to the Timeout Arena in the Strahov area. Outer sand courts are of a good quality, and if it rains, it is possible to play inside. Showers, toilets and those facilities are new and clean. Small bar with fridge full of ice-cream is also available. Right next to this Beach Club, you can see famous Strahovský stadium, and a nice view of the city at a sightseeing behind the stadium. I admit, the place is not in the very centre, so if you rather stay in the centre, there is an interesting Prague sandy beach at Vltava river bank in Smíchov with beachvolleyball, swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

Don’t worry if it gets too hot, Pivní Pohotovost (Beer Emergency) is just around the corner on the street Svornosti opened every day.

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