Cheap marketplace in Holesovice

Holešovická tržnice My primary intention when I visit Holesovicka trznice (take metro line C to a stop Vltavska) is to get fresh vegetables and fruits for friendly prices. This also applies for fresh meat and dairy products. Nevertheless, this marketplace is more than food stuff.

The place is filled with clothes, junk food restaurants, second-hand clothes stores, but also small serious entrepreneurs concentrated on certain potential group of customers and big shops with different consumption goods. My today’s visit concerned buying sunglasses. I must say, the variety was poor, actually, I thought that every stall offers same products. I haven’t found any that would fit my face.

I bought a shirt instead. Lacoste polo shirt for 150 CZK. One would say, not bad. The original price was 300 CZK. And so i negotiated. One advice, when you talk to Asian tradesmen, never accept the first price mentioned. That price is just not valid, it’s too high. If you are comfortable in arguing for a price or if you just want to try it, this is the place.I left contented.

One thing that worries me still is if the shirt survives it’s first washing.

Aug 19, 07:52 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague, Personal )

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