Going for a good cup of coffee at Old Town Square

Prague Church of Our Lady before Tyn picture Do you like these tiny and curved streets in the centre of Prague? One can get easily lost there for a moment. However, these streets have their witchcrafts. They hide and show many interesting sites. We just need to explore them.

When i moved to Prague some time ago, I spent a lot of time just wanderring the streets. I was lucky enough to find a place that i’ve been visiting since. It’s called Tynská Literary Café and it is located few steps behind the Church of Our Lady before Tyn in Prague’s Old Town square on the street Týnská 6.

There is a well-known bookstore and a summer garden with comfortable straw chairs as well. The cafe is opened daily until 23. It is often crowded and the prices are more than friendly. There is a perfect mix of law and philosophical faculty students, along with adults, tourists, exchange students and foreigners living in Prague all sharing the passion for books. I don’t, I like the atmosphere, people and the service, though.

When i’m around with someone, we always pop in for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

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  1. Hello! Sorry but this IS a bit of a plug :) Anyway, if you haven’t already, come and visit our cafe. It’s called ‘Fuzion’ and located on Vodickova 38, P1. Excellent eats, good music, the best coffee in town, free wi fi and we have 2 prices – in and out i.e. we drop the tax down for take aways (CZ law, but most places don’t pass it on to the customer!) Nice seating upstairs with ususally a few US/expat students kicking around. Come on down…Thanks for your time. Kevin Avers, Partner of Mike Scott and owners of Fuzion. P.S we deliver too :)

    kevin    Sep 4, 13:39    #