Experiencing Czech food in Czech restaurant for Czech prices

Prague TV tower in Zizkov Today, I finally managed to visit the TV tower at Zizkov and the view was amazing. Maybe even more amazing than those babies that are trying to climb the tower. Anyway, we were really hungry and the tower restaurant was quite expensive. A friend of mine I was with knew a place nearby and he brought us there. The place is called U Houdku and as I later found out, it is well known among students and local people.

The restaurant looks typically Czech with a great mix of people (students, labourers, guys in suits) and every group is discussing something very important. Lot of noise and lot of laugh. There was also a summer garden opened but we stayed inside, we had enough of sun for the day. We ordered the food, there was a sufficient choice of traditional Czech cuisine. The service was ok, well, the waitress was not so polite, but i was more disappointed with the toilets. They were very old and even if they were clean, they looked dirty.

The dish arrived and that was the most pleasant surprise. Large plate full of meat, french fries, and lot of garnish glazed with dressing. I had to drink two beers to wash all that down. I was totally full, although, trust me, i like to eat a lot. We had to sit a for a while and talk and let the stomach digest. Only few minutes passed and both my friend and I were ready to take a nap. It would have been inappropriate, so we ordered a mojito with Bacardi rum (mmm….Bacardi…) to wake up. We were happy. And guess what. I paid 200 CZK for all that including rounding up the bill! I repeat, big meal + two beers + mojito + small tip = 200 CZK divided by 28.5 arrives at 7 EUR. We left, quite satisfied, and I was ready to spread the word. What surprised me even more, many students I mentioned this to already knew the place. Yes, of course, there’s medical faculty students’ hostel just around the corner.

Anyway, if you happen to be in the Zizkov area, which you probably sooner or later will, don’t miss a good dinner. The restaurant U Houdku is situated on the street Borivojova 110, Praha 3 – Zizkov. I am not sure if it’s the easiest way, but I always take metro line A (green) to stop Jiriho z Podebrad, walk around 500 metres down the street called Slavíkova, passing this student’s hostel, at the end of street turning right to street Jezkova, walking up the street a little, and arriving at Borivojova street and restaurant U Houdků. Bon appétit!

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  1. You took the metro!!!? We walked! Anyway the food in the restaurant was really good, not the cheapest but you do get the great view.

    Debs    Sep 3, 19:20    #