Cool down in the swimming pool in Podoli or Lhotka

Podoli swimming pool in Prague The weather forecast for next days in Czech Republic is again hot above-average. The window in my room is eastwards, so every morning, I know what I’m talking about. So why not visit Podoli swimming pool complex near Vltava river in these days.

This Prague’s swimming complex is the largest in town, and one will meet there mainly local people, but also small groups of tourists. Next to the pools, there is a large green area, which allures for a sunbathing nap. There is one 50 metres pool specialized for swimming and one smaller to get cold or fool around a bit. Plus one more pool for children. On the edge, there is a middle-sized water slide. I must say I haven’t tried the slide, I was too lazy to stand in a five-minutes-long queue.

The water is enjoyable, with 26 degrees. Even if the sky rapidly shifts round and it starts to rain, no need to leave. There is another 50 metres in-door swimming pool. In the showers, one can try free water vapour room. Other paid services include massage or sauna. As a refreshment, cold drinks (beer, too, of course) and some pizza and sandwiches are available in the buffet. I ate this pizza, it was good, but 30 CZK for one small slice was too much. The disadvantage is that springboards with different heights are forbidden to use to prevent from accident, because the smaller pool is filled with people under.

I think that the prices to get in are adequate. Being a student, I paid 80 CZK for one day pass, adults pay 140 CZK. In the afternoon, after 15 o’clock, the price for both the adults and students settles at 80 CZK. The place is opened daily from six to almost ten in the night. Actually, I think they only close on Christmas Eve and New Year’s day. The complex is located in the street Podolska 74, and the easiest way to get there is to take one of the trams no. 3, 16, 17, 21 from the centre to the stop Kublov, and walk on less than hundred metres. You can see it from the tram stop.

And don’t get scared if you see inside many topless girls :-).

Natural pool in Lhotka - part of Prague 4 Thanks Nicks’ advice you can also try natural pool Koupaliste Lhotka which you will find in Nad Koupadly Street in Prague 4 not far away from Podoli.
You can get there by tram No.3 to Cerny Kun station and continue by bus No.121 to V Zatisi station.

Lhotka pool is open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 – 19:00 and the entrance fee is 50 CZK for adults, 20 CZK for children, free up to 3 years old.

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  1. Have you tried the natural(ish) pool at Lhota?
    Much nicer than Podoli and, if you get there earlier,
    much less crowded.

    Nick    Sep 16, 17:18    #
  2. Thanks for advice, I have never been in Lhotka. I will add your advice to the article.

    jaro    Sep 20, 07:39    #