Shopping for clothes on Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square with horse statue of st. wenceslas and National Museum The other day it was over 28 degrees we were walking next to the horse statue of St. Wenceslas in front of the National museum. It was the day we were planning to go to a swimming pool I wrote about earlier. Wearing jeans and dark T-shirt, we realised we need a new, different outfit. The good news was that it was only several days to the day of my next salary, so I decided to use some debit on my credit card.

We set the budget for the new clothes to one thousand per person. And let’s see how we did. Walking down Venceslas Square, our first stop was C&A company (Václavské náměstí no. 33). This place is a clothing store with men, women and kids department. As one would have guessed. My friend bought there white thin summer trousers for 498 CZK, I haven’t chosen anything. Our next visit was paid to X-sport (no. 22) and Nike Prague store (no. 18) at Mustek. These two were full of good stuff, good sport outfits, but it somehow didn’t fit our budgets. We left and went to the shoe store Bata (no. 6), where six floors of different shoe departments were quite impressive. Both of us bought flip flops with the recent world cup country themes. I took flops with sign Italy, my friend took Brazil ones. The price was just 199 CZK.

Our last stop was New Yorker store at Mustek, which enabled us to fully achieve our goal. This shop is filled with in fashion clothes, maybe sometimes too stylish. We both couldn’t resist white sweatshirt with hood in sale for just 150 CZK (original price was 699 CZK). We also bought 2 colourful belts for 199 CZK each and I got also fingertip cream-coloured trousers for 599 CZK. And two T-shirts with stripes in sale each for 150 CZK. To totally accomplish our shopping, we didn’t even wait to come home and we tried and tested new clothes immediately in the streets of Prague. We both were satisfied with the new outfit, we went home put away our old clothes, took swimming trunks and went to the Podoli pool.

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