Sculpture Grande - Slightly Different Art in Prague city centre

Sculpture Grande in Prague Wenceslas Square If you are a fan of modern visual arts plus you want to see something striking and unusual, you should definitely visit the festival (or to be more precise exhibition) Sculpture Grande in Prague:.

The location is really attractive, it is right in the city centre. However, it is not a gallery, as you might suppose; the sculptures are erected directly on the streets and pavements of the Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí).

Sculpture grande exhibition This open air festival has already been held three times in the previous years. This year it consists of 22 sculptures made of all kinds of material (metal, wood, plastic, stone). As the name of the festival already suggests, most of them are really huge ( the highest about 11 metres high!). The sculptures are a contribution of artist from different parts of the world, including Cuba, the United States, Spain and obviously the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

There is a variety of themes employed, which may be best illustrated by the names of the sculptures : We Are All Immortal, Aerial Water Closet, The Centre Of The Centre, Morning Star or The First Floor. But don´t be surprised if the sculptures don´t correspond with your own visual representation of the name – this is what modern art is about!

You are free to observe the sculptures till the end of September, then all of them will be removed.

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