A picnic afternoon at Vysehrad

Vysehrad - the Church of St. Peter and Paul The phrase of today: low budget leisure in Prague. That is right, me and my friend-girl decided to relax, but we were really short of cash at the moment. At the same time, we wanted to seize the day. And here is the intersection we made. We entered the first supermarket and bought a bottle of dry red wine from southern Moravia, piece of french Camembert cheese, and some fresh bread. The receipt was cca 100 CZK.

The weather forecast is good, sunny with small clouds here and there. Time for a picnic, well, i mean le pique-nique. We took a metro line C to a stop called Vysehrad, behind the famous Nuselsky most. It was our first time there but we had no troubles with directions, although my sense of direction is sub zero, that’s why i usually take someone with me. The arrows showing you the right way are everywhere.

Soon we found ourselves at Vysehrad, more precisely, in front of the Church of Peter and Paul. Trying to keep the budget low, we decided that we will see only one of many exhibitions available. We tried the Gallery (10 CZK fee). My friend liked it, I did not. Well, I did a little, there were several really catching photos from one australian guy. This gallery is really tiny and in ten minutes we were gone, sitting on the grass, me opening the bottle of wine while my friend cut the cheese into petite slices. It was a pleasant afternoon, we both enjoyed being not productive at all. We drank the whole bottle and were even happier.

After a short nap, we went for a walk around, visiting the cemetery with famous dead people, checking the sightseeing, oh how i love the view of the centre of the town. The only thing i wanted to do was to jump on the highest peak and shout to the world Eminem’s lyrics: ‿Prague is mine for the taking. Make me king!’ I was pacified by my friend and we went down the hill on feet.

We arrived at Palackeho Namesti, and walked the way to Charles bridge on a concrete river bank where available. My advice is to try it. I mean the river bank. Not many people are there, and the traffic is meters above you so you don’t even hear it and having a romantic walk, watching sea-gulls or the river stream you feel the serenity. We were lucky enough to catch the sunset above. We called it a day and took a tram home considering this day successful.

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