Where to go see and join sexy bodies playing beach volleyball in Prague?

As I wrote I am mad about Beach volleyball this year so why not spread this wonderful sport to others.

The easiest way to get to Timeout Arena in the Strahov area with the public transportation is to use tram either no. 15, 22, 25 or 23 and get off at the stop Malovanka. Then you need to walk up the hill for maybe 3-4 minutes to the famous Strahov stadium (the largest in the world, seating nearly 250 000 people).

Prices start at 120 CZK per hour during the morning play. In the afternoon/evening, it increases to 200 CZK per hour. If you are a student, you will have a discount. However, I’m not sure if they lend you the ball as well, we always use our own and I’ve never asked about this. Well, I think they do, It would be ridiculous if you cannot borrow a ball there, but it may cost something.

And of course also something more about Prague sandy beach at Vltava river bank in Smichov. I personally don’t like it there, although the place possesses some magic in it. To me, the beach and the pool are really small. What I do like is the location and the view. Old buildings of Prague everywhere around.

Back to the beach volleyball, though. So the price for the court is 150 CZK per hour including the ball, which is good. And yes, you will probably meet here sexy sporty looking types, both girls and guys, playing. Are you ready to join them or even challenge them for a game?

If you go, please, make a comment how you liked the place. And watch out that you don’t hit the ball straight to Vltava River.

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