The holiday of the Czech patron Wenceslas

St. Wenceslas statue in Prague Wenceslas Square It is coming the day of 28th of September. In the most of the countries all around the world it is just ordinary day without anything special. Here in the Czech Republic it is a legal holiday, the trams and buses will have a small Czech flag, people won’t work and the streets of the city will have a calm holiday atmosphere, but what did happen that this day is a holiday?

As written above it is a holiday of the patron of the Czech Republic, the saint Wenceslas and the 28th September is the day of his death (maybe more likely jubilee). There aren’t many historical sources about his person. It is said that he was very smart and praying (this is why he is saint). He began to hold rule in his 17 and had a big broils with his brother about a way of governance. They divided mainly in the question about religion and about its expansion in the Czech principality or about paying regular ransom to the Saxony realm.

Those clashes were the reasons of his death, but there aren’t exact evidences about that. Some say that it was willful murder by his brother, but some say that it was for more the accident when both of them began to fight.

The fact about his death is that it has happened in year 935, in the 28th September in the church in Stara Boleslav. He was one of the most popular Czech prince and after his death, there began to appear a legends about him.

There are many reminders of him in Prague. For example the Wenceslas square is named after him and there is his big statue on the Vysehrad, where is the original statue from the square moved there after making a newer one. He is also often demonstrated on the paintings and in different artworks, for example even in England is known the song called Good king Wenceslas

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