Four different Prague sightseeings in one afternoon – part 1

View of Prague Last weekend I had a visit from abroad, two girls, first time Prague visitors. So we went on a walking and sightseeing tour. It took us all afternoon, and I will try to write in details about the things we observed and perceived, because we saw a lot. Different views of Prague from different perspectives.

We started our tour in tram no. 15, which took us near Strahov. Precisely, to stop Malovanka, near Pyramida hotel, and then we walked few minutes up the hill arriving at Strahov stadium, which was our stop number one. It is the view of Mala Strana and Smichov parts of the town. Worth a look. The good thing was that it was not far away to walk to Petrin from there. So we continued walking downward, passing students’ hostel Strahov, which besides accommodating university students serves also as a hostel for tourists. There are several playgrounds around the place, including football pitch with artificial green, basketball and beach volleyball sportground. In the night, several pubs and discos are open, one to mention is Club 007 Strahov with mainly punk, ska and every Saturday hip-hop music. It is located in building number 7, street Chaloupeckeho 7.

Ok, we passed the place and paced to the left not more than hundred meters when beautiful garden full of roses and benches to sit on showed up. Ideal for a date. At least these two girls that were with me loved it. We were taking pictures every other moment. In a short while, I was attracted by sun dial behind the statue of Milan Rastislav Stefanik, one of the founders of Czechoslovakia, also a passionate astronomer. This dial practically shows the right time!

Few moments later, we were standing under shrinked Eiffel Tower, its called Petrinska rozhledna watchtower. We didn’t go upstairs, instead, we entered Jara Cimrman museum in the basement of the tower. This fictional man was a science genius. Did you know that Eiffel tower was originally planned to have straight legs, but Cimrman advised Eiffel to twist them to give the construction more strength and stability. Some of his ideas and inventions are really funny. Plus this museum is free of charge.

Our next stop was the mirror maze, where distorting mirrors have finally shown the truth. Me as a very muscular man, ha ha. This labyrinth is opened daily, and the price was 50 CZK for an adult. The funicular at Petrin is still not working, so we walked on to Pohorelec and then approached the castle. On the way, on the right, there is one typical Czech pub called U Cernyho Vola (Black Ox), which despite the attractive location, still offers Czech Pilsen for like one Euro. I haven’t been there for some time and I noticed they repainted the interior. It looks better. This pub is usually full, full of both tourists and local people. One quick beer and we left.

Prague Old Town Tower Bridge - entrance from left Vltava river bank to Charles Bridge Very soon we found ourselves in front of Prague Castle. Because up there at Petrin we didn’t see any view of Prague, here was our second stop for lookout. This was nicer and closer view of the Old Town behind Vltava. Then I convinced the ladies to stand next to the castle guard, one from each side, and to start telling him jokes or some sweet things to make him smile. We succeeded! The guard smiled and he even said ’mmmm’ couple of times as a way to answer our stupid questions about his job. And so we have a smiling guard of Prague Castle on a photo. We didn’t want to bother any longer, so we left, said ’Ahoj’, he said his m-word and we went taking more pictures of the court, and charming St. Vitus Cathedral. It was closed at the moment, and we turned left to visit Kralovska zahrada – Royal garden. They don’t seem royal to me, but yes, another tip for a romantic walk. Plus another view of Prague to the right from Kralovsky Letohradek Belvedere. This view is not the best and trees cover big part of it so I would not count it as a third one.

Maybe one thing we missed during this walking trip was some book guide, because we didn’t know much about buildings, statues, and monuments around us.

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  1. Hi, just caught up with your blog, made a nice change to read some interesting content. I am a bit curious by nature, you say you are a student, what are you studying? I have moved to Prague now, just 2 weeks ago (my wife is Czech) and I am always keen to learn more about CR, Prague and things you can see and do here. mej Hezky den!

    Tyler Jordan    Oct 12, 13:46    #
  2. Hi Tyler, thanks for your comment. It’s a proof that someone is reading it :-P I’m glad that you liked some articles. I study math, it’s my fourth year now..

    — Jaro    Oct 12, 19:21    #