Free photo sessions with leading Czech photographers in Prague

Jan Saudek As I wrote earlier couple of times about photo exhibitions in Prague, now, I would like to link to it again. If those exhibitions interested someone, every two weeks, on Wednesdays, there are sessions called Evening with photographers, which are open to general public.

This is a good chance to meet leading Czech photographers and discuss their pictures and style, thus, finding some inspiration for yourself. During the meeting, these guys speak about how and why some photos came into existence. There is an open discussion about photography at the end.

The session is free to enter, but one should sign in two weeks before it takes place. To sign in, you can use the direct link (in Czech only :-( ). The name and address is Institut Digitalni Fotografie, Halkova 2 (near metro C station I.P. Pavlova). This institute also offers variety of public photography courses.

Program for the next weeks include:

  • 10/18/2006 Vlastimil Kula
  • 11/1/2006 Bohumil Eichler
  • 11/15/2006 George Ksandr
  • 11/29/2006 Mirek Hoza
  • 12/13/2006 Jan Saudek

I realize that most (not all) of these lectures are in Czech, but I suppose these photographers speak English, so the discussion at the and may be interesting.

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