Wine tasting at Prague Mala Strana (Lesser Town)

My girlfriend and I discovered a new wine bar, called National House of Wines. We had actually no intention going anywhere, we were only walking around, wandering through these small streets in historical centre of Prague. After we crossed Charles Bridge, and passed McDonald’s, we saw a banner asking us to come and taste wines. We blindly followed it and we were very positively surprised when we entered and took seats. Well, it was not so blind, because it was starting to rain anyway.

We sat in the summer garden, roofed on the sides with a hole in the middle, this hole surrounded by plants. This is very clever because as it was raining lightly at that time, one could hear the drops falling on the roof, dripping down the pipe and into the drain in the middle, and it created glamorous atmosphere. My delight increased when I heard that they were playing Moby’s album Play.

Then the waiter came, actually, he was a sommelier, and he was very polite. I know that tourists sometimes complain about the service in restaurants, shops, etc., but this guy was a professional. We ordered two glasses of white late harvest, and we let the waiter choose one for us. The choice of wines by glass was big (over 40 different Czech wines), and it was quite comfortable to let the expert pick one for you. Plus, the offer of wines in bottles was huge (four hundred Moravian wines).

Prices were another positive surprise. Our Chardonnay 2005 late harvest cost 23 CZK per dl, but early harvest quality wines can be bought for as low as 14 CZK. Draught beer Gambrinus and a bottle of mineral water were sold for 25 CZK each, which for Lesser Town part of the town is cheap. There is also a choice of cheeses, bread and sandwiches.

As we read in the handout, National House of Wines offers wine tasting programs (starting at 199 CZK for 3 white and 3 red wines), where one tastes wines from their collection, commenting it and/or receiving a comment from a sommelier, but for this program, a reservation is needed. This wine bar is opened daily from the noon until ten pm, but we sat there until nearly eleven and waiter didn’t say a word. I excused us for staying late when leaving but he said it was not a problem at all. The place can be found near Charles Bridge at Mala Strana /Lesser Town/, street Mostecka 19.

Enjoy your tasting!

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