Four different Prague sightseeing in one afternoon – part 2

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Prague sightseeing - Rock statue of Julius Zeyer Time went by, quite slowly, the clock struck five and we were still full of energy to get on with our tour. We followed the path, where a moment later we discovered one impressive monument. As we soon found out, it was a memorial of Julius Zeyer, famous Czech poet. It is some kind of an artificial cave with several statues and a spring of water falling into a small lake. Very pretty indeed, I didn’t expect something like this. Here, we took our last pictures before the camera batteries ran out of energy, which was a pity, because just few meters away on the right side we found probably the best outlook on Prague. I acted as I knew the place and that it was my intention to bring girls there, although I saw it for the first time as well. There are benches to sit on and one can see some of the most beautiful bridges over Vltava. This was quite romantic. We sat there and started eating home made sandwiches.

Again, we walked on, reaching Letenska Plan, the open area that holds many concerts (e.g. Rolling Stones in summer 2003), next to it, Letenske sady (gardens) serve as a place for a picnic, outing, summer sports, etc. Plus, in this area, there is National Technical Museum, which is, however, due to the reconstruction closed from September 12.

So the next and for this time the last view of Prague was this one at Letenske sady. In the middle of the square, which also serves as a place for meetings of young people, there’s a big functional metronome, and the view of Vltava River and the Prague Old Town. We went for a beer to a beer garden, this time, we were not lucky to grab a free bench with a good outlook on Prague. So we sat on a grass, which was soft and dry so it was in some detail quite comfortable.

Now, we could see how much we had walked, so we all thought, this might be enough of sightseeing for the day. I introduced a game, one of us pointed out a building anywhere in town, but he or she had to know what it is and why it is special in some way. The other two guessed what it was. I know I had an advantage, but I was also curious if girls had remembered at least something from what I had told them as a tour guide. On the way down the hill and into the centre walking over Cechuv most and then on the fancy street Parizska with shops like Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and many more, we were playing a different game. Guess the country’s capital town. Any country in the world. This one is my favourite game.

It was eight o’clock, and we didn’t miss Prague Astronomical Clock show. No need to write more about it, I’m sure everyone saw it. We slowly left heading to Powder Tower at the end of the street Celetna, full of shops offering Czech crystal. Passing the tower, we also saw the building of Czech National Bank and The Municipal House that holds many concerts of high-ranking composers of classical music.

Anyway, I partially ruined the rest of this perfect day. I took girls to Chinese restaurant near Namesti Republiky (Republic Square). The food was cheap and there was a lot of it. The waitress brought it on three plates. It didn’t taste very well, though. We ordered three different meals but I had this feeling that the only thing that was different was the sauce. I ate the whole dish and felt bad afterwards. My stomach hurt. Well, no more romantic walking, we decided to call it a day and got on the first metro and went home. As I recall it back now, It was a long walk, and I was happy to do it. I didn’t know that those distances are in fact not so long. The positive thing was that most of the time we spent in city’s nature. For a while, we changed cars, trams and all the buildings for trees, bushes, and walking on grass.

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