Saturday night live in Prague Infinity music bar

Have you heard about Infinity bar? For me, It’s a shame, because I have been living in Prague for more than three years, and I have never been there, but I heard a lot about it. And it all sounded exciting. Things like: “Infinity? Yes, I know the place, it’s this kind of a night club where girls go hunt guys.”, or “I remember Infinity, last time I was there, a girl came up to me and invited me for a drink.”. Well, It was more than time to check it out.

Infinity Bar Restaurant and music bar Infinity is located very near the shopping centre Flora (metro line A, stop Flora) in the street Chrudimska 2. It’s just the opposite of this shopping centre. I cannot comment the restaurant for we went straight downstairs to the club, which is opened daily, usually until four am. We arrived at around eleven at night and the place was already full, we couldn’t find a free table so we stood at the bar, looking around, drinking Pilsen beer (the .33 bottle cost 45 CZK), my friend ordered draught beer instead, it came in that fancy Stella glass, so I suppose it was Stella, and .33 glass cost 38 CZK. The dance floor was small and at that time still empty. And girls, well, many of them were really beautiful. Ages varied between twenty and thirty five. I’m seeing someone at the moment so I didn’t really try to talk to them. Ok, honestly, the true reason is that I was shy to go talk to the most beautiful girls from the club with faces like from a cover of a magazine. My friend did, though. He was only visiting Prague for 3 days, so he actually insisted on going out and meeting people.

He is this type of guy that enjoys talking to strangers, especially girls, always trying to choose a witty pick-up line, and if a girl dumps him, it only boosts his ego to go try again. It sounds crazy to me, but it’s true. Get this, he comes over to pretty two blondes, and says: „Excuse me ladies, I’m going to ask you something, my friend and I have been looking around and discussing that it looks like all the guys tonight are inviting girls for drinks, so I thought it’s time to do it other way round, so, do you want to get us some drinks?“ If a girl has this kind of sense of humour, she will laugh, if not, she will usually say something hard.

Anyway, to cut it short, he was dumped four times before he exchanged phone numbers with another beauty. On the way home, in the night tram, he told me that he’s leaving tomorrow, so he gave her my number instead. I laughed, but I didn’t get it, it’s fun to have such friends, now I wonder if I receive a message from a beautiful stranger. Well, there is something about this Infinity bar.

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