Free morning press available outside metro stations in Prague

'Reading club' in Prague metro Do you sometimes read free morning press? Early this morning, I was given three different free newspaper on my way to university. There are people standing and handing them out at most of the metro stations. And since the first lecture was not that interesting, I could compare these newspapers.

Metropolitni Expres is the name of the first one I got. Most of the articles are about Prague, and the rest of the Czech Republic, and the world news, however, there is nothing really original that one couldn’t read in paid newspaper. There is a proportional number of advertisement in it. What makes it interesting besides being free is the readers’ page that includes a survey, readers’ photos, a crossword puzzle, and English page. Another big part is dedicated to career and employment. The paper also includes TV program, weather forecast, tips for culture, horoscope predictions, and my favourite, two games of Sudoku challenge. Last pages are about sport, mainly football and ice-hockey.

Another paper is called 24 Hodin (24 hours). More or less, it is very similar to the first one mentioned. The sections are arranged differently, of course. There is a section about Prague districts, but the readers’ and English page is missing. It seems to me that Metropolitni Expres is doing slightly better job in approaching people. On the other hand, in 24 Hodin, there is prize competition for e.g. tickets to the Prague Zoo.

The last paper I received was Denik Metro (Metro Daily), which I must say, is my least favourite. Not because it exchanged Sudoku for Kakuro, another brain-teaser, but it is more formal, and a big part of it is about politics. Friday editions are usually thicker, including weekend section, full of tabloid news. But more, it is probably the bad general impression from the setout, that is why I prefer the other two.

I don’t know if there’s any conclusion, but to me, taking these papers makes travelling faster and a bit more interesting.

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