Slovak Folklore Ensemble Limbora in Prague

Dancing on the stage On Friday evening Nov 17, I visited a performance of Slovak Folklore Association Limbora in the theatre in Vinohrady. Gala program reminded us of the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of Limbora ensemble and of the establishment of Slovak folklore group in Prague 55 years ago. After some time, I was happy to repeat a bit of Slovak culture and tradition.

How did I actually get there? Well, my roommate is kind of a front man of their dulcimer band, he is the first violin guy, and his girlfriend is dancing in the ensemble. So he gave me a ticket :-). I arrived late and I missed the introductory speech, I guess I didn’t miss much. So the performance itself started in a very agile pace and the audience appreciated it throughout the whole program applauding and creating a rhythm or some kind of a beat. Children ensemble Limborka took their part, too, and it was great when kids were trying to perform like adults, I mean their texts and moves, it created fine atmosphere. Traditional costumes, garbs, axes, etc. were also not missing. Bright and lively was when performing girls came up to people in the audience offering them to taste a glass of a red wine while songs and dances on the stage were dedicated to wine.

Another impressive part was the clear voice of 70 years old lady, which has been singing folklore songs for over 50 years. On the other hand, reputable performer, Mr. Janousek, had not impressed me much. Surely, he was a great violinist, but the choice of his songs were not too swift neither cheerful, and to me, they didn’t heat up and set the right atmosphere. During the intermission, I met my roommate, and he let me into the organization and preparations.

In a nutshell, Limbora showed that it will be extremely difficult to substitute them. The performance presented dances, songs and music from the areas in Slovakia such as Saris, Zemplin, Tekov, Myjava and many others, as well as activities of Slovak people living in the foreign countries. Both musicians and dancers were skillful, sometimes performing such acrobatic feats that they could easily get a job as stunts. The dialogues between the songs were funny, the audience was enjoying it, and appreciated it with raging applause at the end.

All I can say is that I was very satisfied with Friday evening, and if you want to experience what I’m writing about, you have a chance to do so, the next performance is called Christmas with Limbora and takes place on Saturday, Dec 9 in the theatre U Hasicu (near the theatre in Vinohrady, Namesti Miru, metro line A).

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