Going to party on Tuesday? No, never again

At the party.. It’s been a long time that I visited any bar or pub downtown in Prague. Today, however, we had a small reunion with friends from Kosice in Slovakia, a town where I was born. It was Tuesday. We arrived in town at around midnight and it was a little hard to think of a place with normal mix of people at that time.

We were at Namesti Republiky at the moment. The square, where this new Palladium shopping centre is being built. By the way, they opened information point to the public. Roxy. It crossed my mind. Do you know Roxy? Have you been to Roxy? How do you like Roxy? Everyone is always talking about it. Well, ok, time to go to Roxy / NoD club.

The place is located in the street Dlouha 33. Only a few minutes walk from the Prague Old Town square. The setting is cool, because it’s a former movie-theatre and dancing hall, it really makes the club look prominent. The setting, the sound and the lights are the only things that impressed me there, though. To me, more important are people inside. And this time I had a bad impression straight-off when we entered the club. Not only it was half-empty, but more, no one was dancing, everyone looked bored, waiting for something that was obviously not coming. Then one junkie came to my friend and gave her a special offer to buy his stuff. We left right away. Roxy is much better on Mondays, when it’s usually full and the entrance is free as well.

On the way to the Old Town Square, we tried several places which where either closed for the day or totally empty. One to mention is a music club called La Fabrique at Uhelny Trh 2. There is also a restaurant and it’s opened daily until very late. Again, I know it was Tuesday, but I was disappointed. There were some people inside, some of them were even having fun, but frankly, the place was dead. The prices for drinks were sky high and most of people were aged thirty plus.

Still not giving up, we tried Batalion Hard Rock Cafe just around the corner at Musket. This bar is opened non-stop. We stayed there for an hour sipping Becherovka mixed with tonic and thinking back on adventures we had done together and talking about others that were not present :-). This time, we didn’t even bother checking the place more closely. We rather didn’t because we knew we would have been dashed again. We left and went to catch a night tram home, which we missed. Instead of waiting, we decided to walk. As we were passing Rudolfinum, the seat of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, at that time, I’d rather be at any of their concerts.

If I can make any conclusion, then it must be that Tuesday is really a bad day to hit the town.

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