Tip for using your ISIC/ITIC – Pizzeria Einstein

International Student Card International Student Identity Card (teachers respectively) ISIC/ITIC offers many discounts in many shops but most of them are not extensive. It is usually 5-15 % discount in stores, or restaurants, and maybe 50 % in some museums. Since some of us have these cards, we should derive some benefit from them, and pizzeria Einstein is a convenient place to do it.

International Teacher Identity Card There are four of these pizzerias in Prague, but my favourite is the one near Andel, at the tram stop Svandovo Divadlo. For a long time this restaurant keeps ‿1 plus 1’ special offer for all pizzas, salads, and pasta. Order two and pay only for one of them (the more expensive one), while some of the other chain stores Einstein offers only ‿pay 2 get 1 free’ promotion. The place is popular, and it might happen that in the evening there is no table available. Usually, ii is not full, though, and there is enough space in the restaurant. It has a total of three floors. About the service, these waitresses are often slow, and not perfectly mannered or polite, but it’s not that bad, the service there is just nothing special. The menu offers a variety of pizzas, salads, pasta, pancakes, soups, risottos, desserts, and ice-cream. Drinks menu is sufficient, too.

This pizzeria Einstein is found in the street Stefanikova 52 – Smichov area (trams no. 6, 9, 12, 20 to stop Svandovo divadlo). If someone wants to try a different one, other Einstein restaurants are located in the streets:

  • Smeralova 3 – Letna area (trams no. 1, 8, 15, 25, 26 to stop Letenske Namesti)
  • Seifertova 67 – Zizkov area (trams no. 5, 9, 26 to stop Husinecka)
  • Rumunska 25 – area Vinohrady (near metro line C stop I.P. Pavlova, or line A stop Namesti Miru)

If you have your ISIC/ITIC, it will be a pity not to take the advantage of it. Does anyone know any other restaurant having 1 plus 1 special ISIC offer?

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