I went to see Borat movie..

Borat movie ‘Jagshemash! I like you! Do you like me?’

Last night, I went to see the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Its popularity is spreading very quickly, I wanted to know if it’s that funny as everyone says. To prepare for it, first, i saw several Borat video clips on internet at http://peekvid.com (very useful site :-)). These clips were funny indeed, but later during the movie I realized that it might have been better not seeing them. Well, because the same jokes regularly showed up throughout the film.

If I had a Hebrew descent or came from Kazakhstan, maybe I would have felt offended, I don’t know, but the movie, the situations, and reactions of people were fun. At first sight, I was not sure whether or not it was all real, all the events and situations. For those who saw it, was attack on Pamela real? Anyway, the humour was very satirical, sometimes, beyond the extremes. No matter in what critical moments Borat finds himself in, he always stays the same, doesn’t change his character even if his American friends become outraged. The authenticity was impressive, many situations must have been dangerous, though. In a nut shell, quite short but a good comedy.

I visited Village Cinemas at Andel (metro B station), and the ticket cost 99 CZK for students. For adults, it is 159 CZK. Borat is shown everyday almost every hour from 13:15 to 22:15. So Ali G and Borat were made into movies. Now I am curious when another Mr. Cohen’s character, gay German fashion reporter Bruno will show up. If you want to see the movie, or if you want to see any other movie, there is a special offer at Village Cinemas at Andel from Dec 7 to Dec 13, for the whole week, every movie for everyone is for 50 CZK.

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