Visiting confectioner’s shop Ovocny Svetozor in Prague

Doesn't it look tasty? Confectionery Ovocny Svetozor is quite well known around Prague. It offers variety of ice-creams, fruit cakes, whipped cream tarts, as well as croissants or sandwiches. The menu also offers many hot and cold drinks. We went there last week for the first time.

There are several shops Ovocny Svetozor in Prague and I visited the one near metro stop Florenc. The setting was strange, noisy colours, London theme, red double-decker bus, phone booth as an entrance to toilets… Fortunately, this was successfully compensated by the menu. So what I tried was two pieces of different fruit cakes (strawberry and banana). It was delicious, refreshing, really tasty. A piece of cake costs either 28 or 31 CZK. In this season, I haven’t tried their ice-cream, but it looked wonderful. The service was just ok, again, I can’t say they cared too much about customers. We didn’t stay long inside, there were many people and quite a noise, I didn’t really like the surroundings, at least the cake was enjoyable, like home-made.

If someone is starving for home-made cakes, here is how to get there. We went to Ovocny Svetozor Karlin-London, which is near Delvita at Florenc, street Sokolovska 22. It is open every day until 19. Other shop Ovocny Svetozor is in the street Havlickova 15 (between tram stops Namesti Republiky and Bila Labut – just one tram stop from Florenc), which is also open daily until 19. Then there is one in the street Vodickova 39 (tram stop Vaclavske Namesti, or metro stop A Mustek), open until 20, and Ovocny Svetozor in Chodov shopping centre (metro C Chodov), which is open late until 22.

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