One Day Out-of-Prague Train Trip

Swimming on the roof in Karlovy Vary The time has come when I wished to swap city rush for calmness out in the country. I agree there are many quiet and nice places in Prague, too, but I just wanted to see something else. It has been already two times that i used special weekend train offer, first time to spa town Karlovy Vary, the other time to German town Dresden.

Let me familiarize you with the details. There is a promotion ticket from Czech Railways called SONE+. This ticket allows you (actually, it allows two adults plus up to three children under 15 years) to travel during one day, either Saturday or Sunday, anywhere within Czech Republic, and also in all border areas, that is Polish, Slovakian, German, and Austrian. You can buy it either for 160 CZK (for all five persons), that is valid for the second class of ordinary trains, or for 360 CZK, which is valid for second class of all trains except EC and IC trains. Quite a bargain, isn’t it?

I enjoyed both of my trips, Karlovy Vary is a beautiful town located in a splendid scenery. It was my first time there, we tried swimming pool built on the roof of a building with great view of the town, houses and their architecture. We went to luxurious Grand Hotel (where recently part of new Bond movie Casino Royale was filmed), too, but only for a toilet :-).

Near spa, in the centre of the town, we experienced one marvelous small shop where they make almost like home-made pancakes with up to twenty fillings to choose from, fruits, different creams, chocolates, etc. We tasted the hot spring water, sent postcards home, and bought traditional Czech jewel – spa wafers.

It was late afternoon already, so we decided to go home. The other trip – Dresden was at least as good as this one. Now I realize I could write much more about these two trips, maybe I will write a new article about it soon.

Anyway, there are many nice places too see around, In haste, I can mention historical centre of Ceske Budejovice, medieval stone bridge and royal castle in Pisek, another spa Marianske Lazne, Austrian Regensburg, etc., but I think the good way if you are not sure where to go yet is to take a guide or map and look up something interesting.

Here you can fined a useful map of all possible destinations.

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