Christmas ice-skating rink in the centre of Prague

Fake reindeer Same as last year, there is Vodafone promotion ice-skating rink open for general public. It is located behind Estates theatre in the street Ovocny Trh.

I was surprised that the quality of ice is pretty ok in this weather. It didn’t meet my expectations but there is nothing I could blame Vodafone for, they’re trying hard and the ice scraper machine comes to clean the ice to maintain the standard quality every two hours. Decoration and cute Christmas tree are suitable, too. As a Vodafone customer, I could rent the skates and go skating for free. Others pay I think 30 CZK per hour.

It seems it is quite popular and people appreciate it. It is usually full, but it is still possible to skate there. I already went there twice and I will probably go again. There is also a buffet offering hot and cold drinks, including, of course, mulled wine and punch, and some hot-dogs, sausages, and soups. The rink is open every day from ten to half past nine until New Year. The money gained from skates rental will be donated to charity.

What more, there is a live web cam at
If you see someone regularly falling down, It is probably me…

If you want, they will lend you these fake antlers from commercial. Maybe I didn’t get this right, but the commercial says: “No more fake reindeers”, I bet you noticed that, but why there is everywhere this fake reindeer chihuahua dog with fake antlers looking at us?

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