Funicular Railway to Petrin Hill and the Christmas Markets

Funicular to Petrin Hill On Friday afternoon we took the advantage of this beautiful sunny day and went for a walk. This time, the walk was more or less typical, Prasna Brana, Celetna street, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Kampa, until we arrived at Ujezd, where is the entrance to Prague’s funicular railway.

After some repairs, the funicular is fully functioning again, and it took us slowly to the top of Petrin hill. The trip was short, but the view of the town was pretty. Not as pretty as in summer, there were no leaves left on the trees, too little green grass on the ground, but the sun compensated for it. At the top of the hill, we expected better panoramic view and we were a bit disappointed, since the bare trees still covered big part of it. We couldn’t have found any better view, what more, the lookout Eiffel Tower replica and the Mirror Maze were closed. At least the sun watch in front of the observatory was working fine.

About the funicular, so it starts at Ujezd stop, where you can get by trams no. 6, 9, 12, 20, 22, 23, and it runs daily from 9 to 23:20 every 15 minutes. You need an ordinary valid public transport ticket (the one for 20 CZK).

Not more to do and see here, we took the funicular back down, then got on number 12 tram which took us to Vystaviste (the exhibition ground). There, for the symbolic price of 10 CZK, we visited Christmas markets. I must say these were so far the best I’ve seen. Concretely, it was the pottery and craftsmanship section. If you are still looking for some not-only-dust-collecting Christmas gifts, this is the right place. I bought myself a pair of sheep fleece wool socks for 70 CZK.

Oh yes, one more thing, at the market, a girl from Citi Bank stopped me and convinced me to have a new credit card. Well, I agreed. There were no fees, no need to open a bank account, etc. I signed it and we got a free stuffed plush hedgehog with Santa’s hat. Now I should receive a mail from the bank and I still have time to decide whether or not I need the credit card, and eventually, later pick it up in the bank. At least I hope I understood it well. Anyway, the hedgehog was worth it.

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