Wednesday’s night trips to Prague club Mecca

Interior of Mecca Club Why Wednesdays? That’s easy, my Thursday is free of both school and work. This night is my middle-of-the-week party night, and most of the time, I pay a visit to a well-known Prague club Mecca in Holešovice area. Why Mecca? It’s absolut night in Mecca on Wednesdays. That means free entrance, Absolut vodka shot for just 30 and a cocktail for girls for free. And the best part, the club is full of party people.

Usually, it breaks down like this. I arrive home, tired, cook dinner, eat and watch TV news. After, I dress up, splash some Giorgo Armani Black Code perfume on my body (I received it as a gift last Christmas), take a bottle of liquor or some beers, and go meet friends at one of one’s place. There we start talking and drinking, telling stories, making up new ones, or recall the old ones, all while listening to some beats. Clock strikes eleven and we slowly move.

We either take tram or metro, but club Mecca bus is also available from 23 to 02 every ten minutes at Václavské Náměstí 19 (in front of H&M store). Other option is to take metro to stop Nádraží Holešovice, walk around 500 metres straight on Plynární street and turn right to Osadní street. Walk a little and you arrive at street U Průhonu. There it is, U Průhonu 3, Praha 7.

This club is not that big, three bars and two stages are available and it’s quite enough. Last Wednesday we arrived at around midnight and girls to guys ratio was 50:50. And girls in the club were beautiful. As time was passing, the ratio was changing. At around three or four in the morning, there were maybe three quarters of guys and the rest girls, and that was a sign for us to leave. It was not that good late at night (or early in the morning), people got drunk and wasted, they didn’t enjoy it anymore, it was just some sort of inertia going on. Well, who knows, maybe they did. Those hours spent inside were fun, though. We talked a lot, danced a lot, met some new people, we just chilled and forgot about everyday worries and duties. I liked it!

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