Winter Sales in Prague stores have already started

Shopping and entertainment centre Metropole Zlicin After short Christmas break, I returned to Prague several days ago. I spent the holidays and the New Year’s day in the cottage at the mountains called High Tatras in Slovakia. Very good, but very crowded place. Anyway, I had quite unpretentious Christmas, so when I returned to Prague, I was curious whether or not winter sales started. My girlfriend and I went to check it out to the shopping and entertainment centre the Metropole Zlicin.

This centre is located at the end station metro B “Zlicin” (yellow line, quite far away from the centre). At the entrance, they have these stupid mechanical opening doors that open forward and not sideways. I thought it will hit us. We survived. Shortly after entering, we saw a fountain in the hall. Scheduled every hour, there is a musical show with light effects. It was not good at all, short and boring. But the thing is that this centre is quite big, and so is the offer. Fashion brands, footwear, accessories, gifts, electronics, sports equipment, etc. And of course services such as restaurants, cafes, multiplex cinema, bowling, shoe repair, key shop, children’s corner and many more.

And the sales? Yes, they are running. Especially some clothes are often reduced by 70 %. But let’s take it consecutively and from the beginning. The first shop we entered was Re-Reserved. What I noticed was good jeans offer, both men/women, reduced to 700-800 CZK. Next to it, there’s Sportisimo, sneakers discounted to half price, trekking shoes even more. Another couple of notorious fashion stores included Kenvelo, C&A, H&M, New Yorker, and Mark & Spencer, but neither of them really gripped us. Besides, half of the town is wearing clothes from there. What did grip us, was a small shop called Loren. Nice products, nice discounts. My girlfriend bought there a pretty white sweatshirt with hood for just 400 CZK (original price 1200 CZK), and I bought two pullovers, each for 300 CZK, 70 % reduced.

One more remark to the store Electroworld selling electronics. Not many sales, but there is a number of special offers. These special offers are often a bargain. But be determined if you enter the store, because if you intend to buy the promotional product, the store is losing some money on this product, therefore, the sales assistant will try to offer you similar but different product, with a higher margin for the company. Don’t get fooled.

Before, I haven’t really thought this shopping could be so exhausting. We continued for a while, then had a cup of coffee, and went on routine shopping for food for the weekend. Here, I was positively surprised with prices of food and groceries in Interspar. Cheaper than in Tesco, which I considered the cheapest one. And that is when we called it a day, and travelled back home for an hour and half..

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