Welcome to the beer country!

Czech people love various kinds of beer Czech beer is world famous and the Czech Republic is the world’s No. 1 beer drinking nation, with an annual per capita consummation of about 160 litres – that’s a bottle of beer for every man, woman, and even new-born in the Czech lands every day. Of course tourists have their share as well but it has to be said that beer is considered a part of the national heritage of the Czech Republic so the share is probably not that high.

Czechs take the beer very seriously! Beer is served almost everywhere in Prague, even in breakfast cafés or fast foods such as KFC! Not to mention that in the Czech Republic is the first Beer Museum in the world! I think it would be appropriate to call it a beer culture!

Czechs have been drinking beer for quite a time. Chroniclers date the first cultivation of hops in Bohemia as early as 859 A.D., while the first evidence of their export dates back to 903, and the first written documentation referring to brewing dates from 1088! Nowadays, with over 3 million hectolitres of beer for export from the Czech Republic yearly, do you agree that Czechs are the number one beer-brewing nation in the world today?

The secret of Czech beer is agricultural conditions which are ideal for growing hops. Most Czech beers are brewed with just the essential ingredients: barley malt, hops, yeast and water.

Beer goes very well with the traditional Czech cuisine. For Czechs, it would seem impossible to accompany traditional Czech meal such as roasted pork, cabbage and dumplings by any beverage other than beer!

To name some Czech beers – because it is impossible to say which Czech beer is the best just like to say whether blondes are prettier than brunettes – Plzensky Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell), Gambrinus, Radegast, Velkopopovicky kozel, Staropramen, Krusovice, and of course worldwide famous Budvar which is Budweiser in German. This name is also used by an unrelated American brew, and lot’s of quarrels at law have taken place because of it.

Foreign importers have tried to change the habit of most Czechs to drink Czech beers only, however, Czechs continue to drink Czech beer. It is not only for its low price but also for its quality!

So while in Prague, enjoy Czech prices and savour the taste of the beer brewed in the Land of Beer in the best possible way – fresh & cheap!

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  1. Staropramen? Please. Now if you could get Dačické anywhere besides Kolín and Kutná Hora….

    MiGrant    Jan 19, 01:32    #