Art Nouveau in Prague – architecture – Part Two

The Art Nouveau style appeared in the early 1880s and vanished with the first gun-shots of the First World War. It was a brief but brilliant art movement and style of decoration and architecture characterised by intricate patterns of curving lines. Art Nouveau artists were well known for their scrupulous eye for detail. Inspiration came from nature. Under Art Nouveau style even an insect was beautiful and admired.

There are large numbers of remarkable buildings in Art Nouveau style in Prague that remain unknown to the tourists since they pay attention mostly only to the Castle and the Charles Bridge. And that is a pity. I will try to change that by giving you extra tips for the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Prague which are historical as well as the Prague Castle.

Municipal House with Powder Tower We can start our trip near the National Theatre in street called Narodni. If you have the river behind your back, approaching the centre, on your left side are two buildings, number 7 and 9. They are both great examples of Art Nouveau buildings – every detail, every object on the building is just perfect. On one building there is written Topic, meaning tire tender in Czech, and on the other building there is written Praha (in Czech Prague) under the cornice among small oval windows. It is not easy to find it there so it may be a little game for you.

Then you can continue to walk down the street till you get to the Wenceslas Square. There is on the left side, if you are facing the National Museum, building number 25 – Hotel Europe. It is, again, great example of Art Nouveau style. I bet you have been to Wenceslas Square but have you noticed this building?

From the Wenceslas Square we will continue by taking the street Na Prikope. It will lead us to the Municipal House, in Czech Obecni dum. The address is Namesti republiky 5, Prague 1. In my opinion, it is the best Art Nouveau building in Prague! You should not miss this! In the inside it is even better!! However, only guided tours are allowed. But you can get inside for a concert or you can visit one of two restaurants there. The prices are considerably higher there but it is definitely worth it.

After refreshment in the restaurant of Municipal House, we will continue our trip to Old Town Square, taking the Celena street. When we are there we, will be heading to Parizska street. In this street most houses are built in the Art Nouveau style so you can admire them as long as you wish, but be aware that there are the most expensive shops in Prague.

We can put an end to our tour at the Prague Castle since in the St Vitus Cathedral there is a glass window of Alphonse Mucha, one of the most celebrated artists of the Art Nouveau period. Can you find this window among others?

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