What is a typical Czech souvenir? (Part One)

Do you wonder about what to buy your friends and family or yourself to keep as a reminder of your experiences from your stay in Prague? Do you want to give them something typically Czech? But what is typical for Prague or Czech Republic?

If you take a walk through the center of Prague, you might get few tips, but you can also jump into false conclusion. You can see many things being sold as Czech souvenirs in seriously looking souvenir shops that are everything but Czech! For example those big furry hats or those wooden dolls that have many smaller once in their inside. Those are Russian souvenirs, not Czech! But uninformed tourists buy them convinced that they will bring home a great souvenir from the Czech Republic.

So what is a typical souvenir from the Czech Republic?

Traditional Czech liqueur Becherovka The Czech Republic is well known for its beer. Czech beer actually is one of the leading attractions that makes tourist visit the country. So it is only logical that any Czech beer is the best gift, especially for beer lovers. If you decide to purchase couple bottles, don’t forget to buy the typical half liter beer mug as well. It will be a certain success. The Czech Budweiser will be surely welcomed.

Another typical alcoholic drink from the Czech Republic is Becherovka, a special liqueur made according to the traditional receipt that is being kept secret for over 200 years!! Only two persons at the factory know the whole recipe. The truth is that formerly it was taken as stomach drops to improve digestion. However, in view of the delicious taste of this “medicine,” it is no wonder that patients did not follow the prescribed dosage and gradually created the tradition of Becherovka as an aperitif served in small shots. Today, Bechorovka is served either ice cold, or as part of mixed drinks. The most famous one is with tonic water, called Beton.

What concerns food, you can’t really travel with typical Czech dumplings or special bread since this food doesn’t last very long. Favorite food souvenir is therefore Spa Wafers Kolonada. Those Spa Wafers are being baked according to formulation proved over 150 years, and the formulation has not almost changed up to now! Thanks to unique production which includes manually covering with mixture of hazelnuts, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar, Kolonada wafers are among the traditional Czech specialties.

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