What is a typical Czech souvenir? (Part Two)

Bohemia Crystal I have already talked about typical souvenirs from the Czech Republic relating to food and drinks. There are, however, other fields that may interest you more than good meal.

Let’s start with something that has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. Great example is Czech crystal glass, porcelain and Christmas bowls, all hand made for centuries long. The Czech Republic is famous for its glass and crystal. The best known trademark is Bohemia Crystal. The only problem is that you have to be very careful when transporting it to wherever you want! Czech porcelain is either blue-and-white, which the so called “onion” style, or pink.

For ladies especially, great souvenir from the Czech Republic is Czech jewelry. It is often made with garnets since garnet is a national gem. Just be careful about their authenticity. If the shop or shop assistants don’t make a good impression on you, there might be a chance they are selling artificial garnets. To name some reputable shops – Cesky Granat in Celetna 4, or Granat Turnov in Dlouha 30, both not far from the Old Town Square.

If you don’t insist on having jewelry with garnets, you can find yourself in favorite Czech jewelry from Jablonex. Jablonex is No. 1 when talking about beads. Seed beads have been exported under the Jablonex brand to more than 80 countries on five continents! If you select these you can be sure to have the original Czech souvenir!

Let’s move again our attention to a different field. The Czech Republic gave the world several great classical music composers such as Bedrich Smetana, Antonin Dvorak, Leos Janacek, or Bohuslav Martinu, to name the most famous ones. In Prague, you may therefore want to browse the music selection in the CD shops.

When talking about art, you will be able to find popular Art Nouveau Alfons Mucha reproductions as well as contemporary art like Jan Saudek. You can never go wrong by buying some book about Prague or Czech Republic, whether about history, cuisine, sights, or some prose from Czech writers know far behind Czech borders like Franz Kafka, Jan Neruda, Karel Capek, or Jaroslav Hasek and his popular Svejk.

Favorite are also Czech puppets and marionettes or other hand-made wooden toys. They, again, have a long tradition in the Czech Republic. That is why they make wonderful Czech souvenirs.

I could be talking like this for hours and hours. For example, I haven’t said a word about hand-made lace, which is another traditional souvenir coming from the Czech Republic. For some, great gift can be a T-Shirt with name of famous Czech sportsman like Pavel Nedved, Tomas Rosicky, Milan Baros (when talking about soccer), or Jaromir Jagr (ice hockey). Well, I’d better stop right here.

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