Dinosaurs in Shopping mall

Typical representative of dinosaurs from prehistory When talking about the long history of Earth, there is probably nothing as fascinating as dinosaurs. To be more precise, their extinction. Ever since the 19th century when Sir Richard Owen came up with the name dinosaurs, from the Greek terms “deinos” and “sauros” meaning “large and fearful lizards”, dinosaurs have gripped people’s imagination like no other creature of the past. They have become a subject of countless studies, theories, exhibitions, as well as movies, books and toys.

Dinosaurs remain popular both among children as well as adults. It is incredibly interesting for many to imagine how those huge and fearful creatures that dominated the Earth millions of years ago could so quickly disappear.

However, these past life forms did not completely disappear. They left traces that even today leave men astonished: fossils. A large number of fossils have been found in Patagonia, Argentina. This land belongs to one of the greatest palaeontological centers in the world. If you are looking for dinosaurs, Patagonia is the place to go.

I know, from Prague to Argentina that is a long way to go! But don’t worry, you have now the great chance to admire those long gone creatures in Prague!! Because if you can’t make it to Patagonian dinosaurs yourself, they will visit you! ?

Dinosaur’s skeletons are usually major attractions at museums around the world. You, however, don’t even have to go to museum to see them! Just spare a minute or more while shopping in Centrum Chodov, the biggest mall in Czech Republic. Till March 15, you can meet Patagonian dinosaurs face to face there. This extraordinary exhibition is held under the patronage of the National Museum in Prague.

Just take subway to the station Chodov (red line C). You can’t miss the mall.

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