Swimming places in winter season in Prague

Swimming pool Slavia This winter is not usual. It’s very warm but not as warm as spring. To do outside sports, this is really a bad weather. When there is a rainy day and I’m in the mood for some physical activity, what I do is that I just go swimming for an hour or two. So I decided to write down some info about possibilities where to go swimming in Prague. Here’s a short list of swimming pools open during winter season:

  • Swimming place Hloubetin, Hloubetinska 80 (metro B Hloubetin), this pool is popular because of the salty water (it is said that the salt comes from the Dead Sea). It is open daily, the entrance fee for adults is 70 CZK / 60 minutes, 100 CZK / 90 minutes (students have discount 10 CZK). Season pass is also available, and other services include a gym, sauna or fit club.
  • Swimming stadium Podoli, Podolska 74 (trams 3, 16, 17, 21 to stop Kublov), popular spot. Open all year round. The price is 80 CZK for 90 minutes, there are several pools, water steam and sauna.
  • YMCA Sportcenter, Na Porici 12 (Florenc), another very popular spot. There is a smaller pool open daily, they charge you every minute, it is 1.80 CZK per minute. Services like sun parlor, gym, sauna, massages, jacuzzi hot tub, or spinning are also available.
  • Lagoon Letnany, Tupolevova 665 (e.g. take bus 210 from Nadrazi Holesovice), this is the only aquacenter in Prague. It’s open daily and it costs 140 CZK for adults (100 CZK for students) for two hours. Besides regular 25 metres pool, you can enjoy spiral water slide, massage pool, trampoline. There is also large fit club, sun parlor, and then a thing called Relax Nirvana (sauna, water steam, hot tub with salt water, and a small pool to cool down).
  • Swimming Pool Incheba, Prague exhibition ground. Public swimming pool for 60 CZK per hour, open daily.
  • Swimming Pool Radlice, Radlicka 298 (metro B Radlicka). Open daily, 80 CZK per person, sauna included in price!
  • Swimming stadium Slavia, Vladivostocka 1460 (tram 7, 19, 22, 24 to Kubanske Namesti). Pool for 70 CZK per hour, sauna available.
  • Nudist swimming pool Sokol Vinohrady, street Polska (Riegrovy sady park). To be precise, nudist people have their reserved time in this pool every Wednesday from 19:30 to 20:30. This naturistic swimming cost 90 CZK is sometimes accompanied with funny events.

The last to mention is where I used to go. It is the Charles University Sport Center, which unfortunately is not so close to the town’s centre. The address is Bruslarska 1132 and it is in area Hostivar. For public it is open daily except Tuesday and Thursday in the evening hours and the entrance is 70 CZK (students for 50 CZK).

At most of these places, season passes are also available. One more thing, even if some pools are open for public daily, it is not usually the whole day, parts of may be reserved for swimming lessons, other companies, etc. This list is not complete and if you know any other good place, it would be great if you drop a comment about them.

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