Salvador Dali in Prague!!

Salvador Dalí The famous Spanish artist and one of the most important painters of the 20th century is now in Prague! How incredible, right? You have to see him before he leaves!!

But don’t worry, I know very well that this skilled artist is long time gone. Salvador Dali, who is best known for his quite original, striking and bizarre images, who had drawn attention to the surrealist work to pretty much everyone, not just art-lovers, died in 1989. But still, I am telling you, he is in Prague at this very moment! Well, to be more precise, his work, of course!

Everybody knows him and his strange mustache. Everybody can come up with at least one of his work which is like a dream full of symbols. For example his melting clock or his long legged elephants. Do you remember?

Well, at any rate, you should visit this great exposition of the Master of Symbolism which is held at the Gallery At the White Unicorn (U Bileho jednorozce), Old Town Square 15. This exhibition shifts a very successful exhibition called The Best of Jan Saudek. Open is daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

This unique exhibition shows some Dali’s graphics, sculptures and ceramics kept mainly by private collectors.

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