Subway in Prague as Museum

Andel metro station Prague is full of wonderful sightseeing! One can not see all the beauty of the city within a week or two. In the travel guides you will find only those best known places. But the great thing about Prague is that after visiting those places you can throw your guide book away, since every street you take, every park you go to, is an amazing place! You have to have your eyes open and your finger ready on your camera!

For instance a subway station can easily turn into a museum for those who pay enough attention. Do you thing that a subway station is good only for transportation? Than you are all wrong!

The great example is the subway station Andel (in English Angel), yellow line B. This subway station was formerly called Moscow, and was opened in 1985, few years before Velvet Revolution. This might help you to understand why it looks the way it looks.

If you don’t want to spend your hard earned money in a Museum of Communism, subway station Andel is a great place to go. Here you can find what is called Social Realism. If you are watchful enough, you will see Soviet flag, Russian signs, Soviet and Czechoslovak astronauts, and much more. You can even find the former name of the station there, also in Russian special alphabet!

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