Afternoon trip to Pruhonice park near Prague

Pruhonice chateau When my working day is over, I often go for a walk, it’s my way of mental relax. Today, it was Friday, very early afternoon, when I arrived home. I was finished with my tasks for the day, and had this feeling I sometimes have, that I need to get out of the town. Nature and country, that is what I needed, a change from urban to rural. The time was passing, plus the fact that the daylight doesn’t last that long yet, I had to act quick. After short internet research my girlfriend and I made a decision. We dressed warm, and went to experience a romantic afternoon in the park Pruhonice.

By taking metro C line to stop Opatov, we started our trip. There, one should transfer to suburban buses (no. 324, 325, 363, or 385) and get off at stop Pruhonice (around 15 minutes ride, not farther than 20 km from the centre of Prague). Because it’s not in the town, there is an extra charge 8 CZK to normal ticket.

So we got off and before entering the park, we took in some energy at a local restaurant “U Bezousku”, where we tried their own made yeast beer! Very good and very strong, and with a noble name – “bison”. Park and chateau Pruhonice offers fairy tale nature, ideal for bummels, wandering around, meditating and contemplating, and we finally walked in. The winter time is, I think, the worst time to see it, well, it was beautiful, but when I saw pictures of the park in spring/summer when all the flowers are in bloom, that’s just amazing. The chateau is splendid from the outside, but it was impossible to get inside :-(. The park itself is very large, there are many footpaths, many creeks, several lakes, and miscellaneous vegetation. The meadows are plowed by moles, there are fish in the lakes, ... Soon we stopped at the first bigger observation point and started feeding the ducks with the bread. Oh, not to forget, the entrance fee to the park is 40 CZK for an adult and 20 CZK reduced, and it is open daily until 5 pm (from April until 7 pm).

It is not so interesting to describe what all our steps in the park looked like, shortly, we had a great walk, and when leaving, we looked at the map at the entrance and found out that we saw not more than one fourth of it (now I see that buying the map of the park for 5 CZK would have been a good idea). Anyway, It was the best time for the dinner. Maybe 100 metres from the park, we found a pizzeria near the square. It was our last stop before going home. We entered and enjoyed hot and tasty pizza mexicana along with cooled Pilsen. Two beers and a large pizza made it 200 CZK, standard price, acceptable for this nice restaurant. I couldn’t believe it but I was so exhausted from our little trip, and despite the fact that we arrived home at a reasonable time, like 7 pm, we had to call it a day, there was no town hitting for me that day, all I did was enjoying my nap in front of my sweet TV.

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  1. Yeah, I was 2 weeks ago there with my gf too. But we are used to walk a lot and we managed to get around the whole park in 3 hours with moderate speed and many stops for tea drinks and titbits :) That’s a really beautiful park and it will be much better when the spring comes. Btw there are many places how you can get to the park for free as you probably notices from the walk.

    neon    Mar 5, 11:45    #
  2. Hi! thanks for the comment, you’re right, when I go back in spring, I’ll try to find my way to get in for free, not because of this 20 CZK but because it makes it more interesting then :)

    — Jaro    Mar 5, 12:16    #