Career Days 2007 at Prague Congress Center

What a tough life of a businessman Last week, on Wednesday, March 7, I went to see Career days program, and what was is my impression of it? Ok, first, Career days is kind of a meeting of students with companies, their potential and possible employers. Did anyone hear about it? Did anyone go? This meeting was held in Prague Congress Center, and it last for two days. It is a good way to get an overview of the labour market in the Czech Republic. What more, it gives you a chance to establish some real contact with companies and individuals. And that is why what I wanted to make.

Specifically, there were two companies I was very interested in. Long before I got to know the market, I knew about the possibility of getting an internship that perfectly suited me and my field of study in one company in Frankfurt. I was pleased to find out they have an affiliated branch in Prague and this office was about to present themselves at Career days. I came to their stand enthusiastically just to find out they have no idea what I was talking about. That I should contact the headquarters. My first disillusion. Couple of free pens and danglers compensated for it. Walking aimlessly around, one cute hostess girl came up to me and smilingly offered me a help. I agreed. Soon I found myself at a presentation of a certain bank group, where I had no intention to go. And there came my other disappointment. One human resource woman had a speech and then she let students present themselves and ask questions. She had an answer to everything. Everyone would find a suited job for himself or herself in the bank. Well, after the meeting was over I came to this lady and said, I liked your positive speech, so this is what I study, this is what I can do, what I am interested in, and these are my experiences and qualifications. Do you think you can find an open student, part-time or internship position for me? At this moment we don’t have an open position but I strongly suggest you send us your CV and we’ll contact you. Madam, I did that last year, both personally and electronically, and I received nothing, not even an automatic email that would inform me that you received it. She tried to save the situation and gave me a business card with a phone number where I should call. I’ll think about that.

Later, I went to a couple of other presentations, but in overall, this Career Days did not meet my expectations. To point out some advantages, the whole project was well managed, every student received a useful package which helped them orientate. There were not so many companies, though. Now, I will think about it for a while before I send out my CVs. Anyway, I feel I can be more successful when I do my own internet research about my potential future employer rather than being one from many visitors at such an event. What do you think?

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